Every business has different water needs from a one man home-based businesses to large manufacturing plants, but according to Water Wise, companies could cut their water use by almost 30%. One of the ways your business can become more water efficient is to take a look at your urinals, so here are three ways that you can save money and become more sustainable!

Install waterless urinals 

Affinity for Business 3 Ways to Make Your Urinals More Water Efficient

If you’re planning to refit your business’s urinals, fitting a waterless one is the way to go! By installing waterless urinals, you’ll be able to save around 50% of your water use. There are a few different types of waterless urinals that you can choose from, we recommend getting one with a patented tap, they avoid using other chemicals or oils to replace water and not only do they save water and money, but they also reduce odours that are caused by bacteria build up.

Infra-red urinal controls

Affinity for Business 3 Ways to Make Your Urinals More Water Efficient

Urinal controls can save up to 60% on your business’s water charges and can pay for themselves within three months. If you own an office that’s used for 40 hours a week and you don’t have any urinal controls, then 76% of the flushing happens when there’s no-one there – crazy right?! Infra-red controls have motion sensors which detect movement and control the solenoid valve which is the mechanism that flushes the urinal. You’ll see the pay-off almost instantly when you take a look at your next reduced bill.

Do you have a urinal that flushes on a timer?

Having a timer can be a great way to be water efficient, however, if you’ve got your timings wrong it could defeat the object of having them in the first place. They could be wasting around 850 litres of water per day! So be sure to set your urinal timers to match the hours that your business is open, that way your urinals will only flush when they’re in use and by doing so it will minimise any unnecessary flushing.

Now that you know how to be more water efficient when it comes to your business’s urinals, why not have a read through the unflushables and how to look after your toilets and drains?

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