This year we’ve seen dramatic temperature changes in the UK. From experiencing the freezing snow with Beast from The East, right through to summer’s scorching heatwave featuring one of the hottest days of the year being named Friday Furnace. Autumn is fast approaching, which means temperatures are likely to drop, and for businesses, this can mean very expensive consequences if you’re not looking after your pipes properly. From bursts to leaky pipes, we’ll be explaining the 4 ways you can prepare your business’s pipes to get ready for the cold winter months ahead.

Clearing out your pipes

Affinity for Business 4 Ways to Prepare Your Pipes for Winter Months

Autumn may look beautiful as the streets fill with burgundy, brown leaves, but for your pipes, this may not look as pretty. Pipes often build up with leaves and debris which can leave them clogged if not maintained. Once your pipes are clogged, the water will have nowhere to go and simply overflow onto the building and its foundation. To avoid any overflow, be sure to clear your clogged gutters and downspouts regularly, rather than waiting till the end of the season.

Understand your pipe responsibilities

Affinity for Business 4 Ways to Prepare Your Pipes for Winter Months

As the temperature cools down, it can be common to have leaky pipes, therefore it’s important to get familiar with your pipe responsibilities. In fact, we’ve even written a blog post explaining the different types of pipes for you to be fully prepared, in case you encounter a problem.

Going away for a couple of weeks?

Affinity for Business 4 Ways to Prepare Your Pipes for Winter Months

If your planning on setting your ‘out of office’ on for the next couple of weeks, we recommend turning on the heating at a low temperature while you’re away. It can be tempting to switch off the central heating to save money on energy bills whilst nobody is at the premises. However, the cost of keeping the heating on low is much more efficient than the cost of having a burst pipe.

Have proper measures in place

Simply having a chat with your staff members or the facility management in your building can make all the difference. Get everyone informed on how the weather can affect your businesses pipes and set proper measures in place for both Autumn and Winter months. We recommend having rules around the heating levels, making sure that exposed pipes are properly insulated for winter and discuss the duration that your heating it’s left on while the office is vacant. For more top tips on getting prepared for winter months, click here.

If you’re wondering how to detect a leak in your pipe or not aware of where your stop tap or meter is located, you can click here for some more useful information and advice.

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