The school holidays are upon us and although children all over the UK might be extremely happy, there’s a lot of pressure on their guardians to entertain them for an entire six weeks, especially if they also need to work full time. If that’s not hard enough, the long-lasting heatwave in the UK means a hosepipe ban is imminent, so finding ways to cool them down may prove harder than just filling up a paddling pool in your back garden and being done with it! But fret not, because we’re here to help! Here are 5 sustainable activities you can do with the kids in the school holidays.

Create a veggie patch

Affinity for Business 5 Sustainable Tasks for the Summer Holiday

Planting a veggie patch is a great task to last you all summer.  It is also an effective way for parents to wind down after work, whilst spending some quality time with the kids. The children will love sowing the seeds, watering them with a watering can (remember not a hosepipe!) and watching them grow over the next six weeks. Once the seeds are fully grown, it’s a great opportunity to show them how to cook with the produce they’ve created. Have a go at some tasty recipes like a vegetable lasagne,  you can even take the leftovers into work the next day for lunch!

Upcycled art & craft

Affinity for Business 5 Sustainable Tasks for the Summer Holiday We spend our entire week filling up recycling bins both at work and at home, stuffing them to the brim with cereal boxes, plastic bottles, and other recyclables. So why not reuse them ourselves? Get creative with the little ones by turning used shoe boxes into pretty bird houses, cans can be reused and decorated for pencil pots or wind chimes and you can find lots of different creative ideas online. Pinterest will be your best friend for inspiration on this one! Not only can you reuse what is in your recycling bin, but old vegetables can help you get sustainably artsy too! You can make homemade stamps by carving out funky shapes in potatoes, apples, courgettes and other fruit and veg. Simply carve the shapes out, dip them in paint and stamp away! Your child’s masterpiece will make great artwork for your office desk…Picasso who?!

Create a compost bottle science experiment

Affinity for Business 5 Sustainable Tasks for the Summer Holiday

If you’ve got a mini Isaac Newton on your hands, why not get your science on this summer by creating your own compost bottles? Reuse large plastic bottles by cutting the tops off and filling them with soil, old leaves, newspaper, vegetable peelings or any other food waste. Create a fun experiment by having two different compost bottles, and measure the rates of decomposition depending on the amount of water in each. Here are some useful tips and a step-by-step guide which might come in use when creating your own compost this summer. Once you’ve created your compost you can use it when attending to your veggie patch to make your crops thrive!

Fruit and veg picking

Affinity for Business 5 Sustainable Tasks for the Summer Holiday

There’s nothing better than eating fruit and veg that are organically grown and handpicked by yours truly. Going to a local fruit picking farm is a great way to spend the day with the family. You  may even find farms where you can pick out fresh eggs too. It’s a win win; pick your favourite fruit and veg all the while keeping the kids occupied!

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