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5 Scary Facts About Plastic Pollution this Halloween!

Buying disposable plastics such as water bottles may seem convenient, but it’s very easy to lose track of how much plastic we’re using and not recycling. From bottles to one-use bags and large corporations producing and selling endless amounts of...

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How to prevent blocked drains and pipes this Autumn

While we’ve been experiencing darker commutes, drizzly lunchbreaks and leaves travelling in the wind, it’s safe to say that Autumn is in full swing. It’s very important for businesses to look after their outdoor pipes during Autumn because they can build...

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Meet the dogs of AfB

Did you know that 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health issue this year?! Which is why this year, Affinity for Business have been busy implementing mental health initiatives to improve the quality of our mental health and wellbeing in the AfB...

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World Rivers Day: 5 Fun Facts about Britain’s Rivers

The annual World Rivers Day falls on the last Sunday of every September, it’s a great way to highlight the values of our rivers and create awareness of the threats that they face. Britain’s rivers have been integral in the growth of our towns and cities,...

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4 Ways to Prepare Your Pipes for Winter Months

This year we’ve seen dramatic temperature changes in the UK. From experiencing the freezing snow with Beast from The East, right through to summer’s scorching heatwave featuring one of the hottest days of the year being named Friday Furnace. Autumn is fast...

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Getting to Know A Smile For A Child

Every month Affinity for Business donates £250 to a chosen charity of the month. Each month team members will suggest charities they feel passionate about. These charities will then be put into an anonymous poll where the AfB team can vote for a charity to...

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