Big venue, big savings

Aug 5, 2016 | Case studies

The Project:

One of the most famous music and entertainment arenas in the world, over the course of its history, this well-known London venue has played host to acts like The Who, David Bowie and The Beatles. Clean water is vital to the all-round customer experience, with enormous demand at peak periods during concerts and other events. Saving money through smarter water use was therefore essential to the venue’s operator – and, as part of that process, in January 2016, we initiated a water audit and subsequent retrofit at the venue.

The Challenge:

High footfall at peak times produced high demand – and the audit of the whole site gave a list of recommendations to help the venue reduce their consumption, whilst still providing an enjoyable experience for customers coming to watch a show or performance. These recommendations were then put in place during the retrofit, with water efficient devices installed across the site.

The Result:

Despite the number of events in the month before and after the retrofit being the same, an immediate daily reduction of 10.323m³ was achieved. This saving would equate to a noticeable and extremely welcome yearly saving of £3594.92 on water bills. A fantastic result for one of the highest demand business customers in our region.

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