Water resources remain stable in the Affinity Water Wholesale area despite a dry summer

Water resources remain stable in the Affinity Water Wholesale area despite a dry summer

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Despite one of the driest June’s on record and below average rainfall in July, Affinity Water’s water resources remain stable. In Southeast England, these conditions have not been seen since the 1920’s.

However, the above average rainfall for the Affinity Water regions, experienced in December 2017, March 2018 and April 2018 led to a significant recovery in their aquifers (porous rock where groundwater is stored), which continued into May 2018. This put them in a much stronger position going into this summer compared to the summer of 2017.

Due to these wet months, careful management of Affinity Water’s network and working with other water companies to share water, the wholesaler was able to meet the exceptional demand during the hot weather over the summer with only a limited number of local pressure issues and without the need to introduce restrictions.

The long, hot, dry summer has affected some chalk streams in the South East of England which are also fed by groundwater, but more particularly those that are also supported directly by rainfall and groundwater that is stored in gravel close to the surface.

River and chalk stream flows are strongest during rainfall/runoff periods and when gravel groundwater levels nearer the surface are high and are easily able to feed into surface water.


Rainfall and groundwater levels

Affinity for Business  Water resources remain stable in the Affinity Water Wholesale area despite a dry summer

Whatever the weather, we ask our customers to save water where possible. This is good for the environment and can also help customers save energy and money. To find out more about Affinity for Business’s sustainability offerings, click here.


Here are a few of our top tips for maintaining water efficiency in your business:

  • Install water saving appliances such as self-closing taps or battery-operated touch taps, add water-saving hippos to your toilet cisterns and water-saving urinal controls
  • Keep a jug of water in the fridge to provide cold drinking water rather than waiting for the tap to run cold
  • Use a water butt to store rainwater, this can be used for watering your business’s plants or garden instead of using a hose
  • Make sure that your dishwasher or washing machine is on a full load before turning it on and remember to make use of the eco settings on your device.

For more top water-saving tips take a look at our useful blog posts


Water way for Heathrow Airport to go sustainable!

Water way for Heathrow Airport to go sustainable!

London Heathrow has partnered with dedicated water retailer Affinity for Business for the supply of its clean and waste water services.

The alliance will focus on a long-term, shared commitment towards more sustainable water usage across the whole of the Heathrow estate over an initial five-year contract.

Home to more than 400 separate businesses and employing around 76,000 workers, Heathrow Airport is one of the largest private water networks in Europe and operates within a highly populated and water-stressed area.

Affinity for Business Water way for Heathrow to go sustainable!

The new partnership aims to find innovative ways to reduce overall water usage through measures such as the reduction of potable water waste and the introduction of non-treated water recycling schemes.

Keith Lockhart, Categories Manager at Heathrow Airport, said: “As a busy airport, Heathrow is one of the biggest consumers of water in the local area and we have a duty to act responsibly and sustainably when it comes to its use.

“Affinity for Business are not only a reliable partner that get the basics right, they also share our values and goals when it comes to great service and a sustainable future.”

Affinity for Business Sale Agreed

2 May 2017


Infracapital and Morgan Stanley Infrastructure (“MSI”) have today announced the sale of Affinity for Business (Retail) Limited (“Affinity for Business”) to a consortium comprising Allianz Capital Partners on behalf of the Allianz Group, HICL Infrastructure Company Limited (advised by InfraRed Capital Partners Limited) and DIF.

Infracapital and MSI have signed an agreement to sell their 100% interest in Affinity Water Acquisitions (Investments) Limited, which indirectly owns 90% of Affinity for Business. As part of the transaction, the buyers acquire Veolia Water UK Limited’s 10% stake in Affinity for Business.

Both transactions are expected to complete simultaneously in May 2017.
Affinity for Business will continue to operate as normal and there is no expectation that the sale will result in any changes at an operational level.

Helen Gillett, Affinity for Business Managing Director commented; “We look forward to welcoming our new investors to the company and continuing to successfully deliver great service for our business customers, offering them a range of services and great value for money, as a leading community focused company.”

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