According to a recent survey, 59% of consumers expect companies to care about environmental issues, and 64% of Millennials say they won’t work for a company if they don’t have a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy.  If your company hasn’t already got a CSR policy, it might be time to start thinking about establishing one soon. In this blog, we share some of our best practices and a few ways being our customer can help you improve your business’s CSR.

A good starting point is to check other companies’ websites to see what they do. Most companies will naturally develop a policy over time, through employees raising money for charities, recycling paper and other materials, asking for prizes for raffles etc. Some companies develop this into a formal ethos that reflects their brand values. A CSR policy can make a positive difference to a business, not just in terms of brand advocates, but also in terms of cost savings. As an example, if you want to add water use to your CSR policy, we can help you audit your usage, so you not only save water and help the planet, you’ll also save money on your bills!

CSR Approach

Employee Mental Health and Wellbeing

Our customer service motto is ‘Not too big to care’, but that also applies to our staff members. Looking after our employee mental health and wellbeing is an extremely important part of the AfB ethos. We achieve this by having a proactive approach to improving our workplace and running employee organised activities. We are supportive of many charities – in fact our team are always doing something to fundraise, whether it’s an individual raising money for their favourite cause, or something the whole team want to get involved in, e.g. Christmas Jumper Day or Macmillan Cake Day. We’ve even been recognised in the form of awards. In October last year, at the Legal & General Not a Red Card Awards, we won the ‘Best Mental Health Initiative (SME)’ category, and our Managing Director, Helen Gillett won The Leadership Award.

If you’re looking for ideas for a new CSR policy, here are some of our most successful CSR initiatives to give you some inspiration:

Charity of the month

Every month, we donate £250 to a charity chosen by the team. It gives team members the opportunity to put forward causes they feel passionate about, and everyone gets to vote on which charity gets the money.

This not only gains goodwill from the team, it also gives members a chance to learn about individual charities, local as well as national. For instance, when the chosen charity of the month was Prostate Cancer UK, it gave us the opportunity to raise the potentially life-saving awareness of prostate cancer and symptoms to look out for.


CSR: BetterSpace App

Last year, we made the BetterSpace app available to the team by giving every employee a budget to spend in the portal. The app helps individuals evaluate their goals and track their wellbeing. Based on feedback from employees, it will suggest a variety of exercise, meaningful activities and online resources for users to try in order to help them protect their mental health. The initiative is still new but has already had a very positive reaction from the team.


CSR: Learning

As one of our core values, learning has become an ongoing focus for improving processes, upskilling employees and becoming a better business. Feedback is an important part of this process. We’re always asking for customer feedback on Trustpilot to spot what we’re doing well and make improvements where necessary. This goes the same for our employees – we have a number of ways that our employees can give their feedback. These include suggestion boxes, Glassdoor reviews and quarterly surveys where the team can report back.

CSR is good for business too!

Having a CSR policy is good because it’s not only the right thing to do, it’s also popular in terms of engaging with team members. We are extremely proud of the way the AfB team has embraced our ethos, which has helped create a company that people enjoy working for, as our Glassdoor reviews prove.

CSR also gives your company a chance to get some positive PR by shouting about their involvement (like we’re doing here!). Our MD Helen Gillett regularly speaks at workplace conferences and seminars and publishes articles about her mental health and wellbeing initiatives, which have raised the profile of AfB at the same time as spreading the word about how such initiatives help.

How can we help you to improve your CSR?


  • Go paperless! By making use of our paperless billing service in My Account, not only will you reduce the amount of paper you use and save trees, but it will also make your billing much faster and easier. As an added incentive, for every 1,000 customers that switch to paperless billing, we will donate to projects that commit to offsetting at least a tonne of CO2 whilst making an impact on communities in developing countries
  • Write us a review on Trustpilot. We’ll donate £1 for every customer review we get to our charity of the month in addition to our £250 donation
  • Add water use to your CSR policy. Our in-house sustainability manager can help you audit your usage, so you not only save water and help the planet, you’ll also save money on your bills. Click here and download our water efficiency guide


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