In December (2018), Affinity for Business donated to three different charities, including the Zion Food Bank, The Mixed Group and Crisis – all of which are charities that are close to our hearts.

Affinity for Business has donated £250 directly to The Mixed Group which has provided Christmas Day meals for lonely and elderly people living in and around Welwyn Garden City. To raise awareness, we kindly asked The Mixed Group to discuss their cause, in the hopes of informing the local community of what they can do to help.

Can you tell us about The Mixed Group and how the charity came about?

It started out in 1973 when a group of young people from Ireland and Scotland – who couldn’t afford to go home for Christmas – decided to get together for a meal. After finding out that there were more people who would be alone on Christmas Day, they extended the invite and ended up with a diverse mix of people, hence the name of the charity. It grew from there and has been running for 45 years.

The Mixed Group is a local charity which raises money throughout the year by hosting fundraising events for their Christmas Day meal which provides for lonely and elderly people living within the borough of Welwyn Hatfield. 

On average, how many guests do you feed on Christmas Day?

Usually we feed between 90 and 100 people on Christmas Day and we keep in touch with them throughout the year at our fundraising events.

Do you have any upcoming fundraising events?

We are hosting a quiz night on the 16th March 2019 and a summer lunch at the Mill Green Museum on 15th June 2019. Recently, we hosted an Italian fundraising meal on the 25th January and due to its successful turnout, The Mixed Group will be hosting it again later this year. Details of our events can be found on our website.

How can organisations and members of the public do their part to help?

All our events are organised with the help of volunteers and we welcome financial donations, which go straight into our Christmas Day fund. Anyone is welcome to support our fundraising events, or donate raffle and tombola prizes. Any help is gratefully received.

Affinity for Business donated £250 towards The Mixed Group’s Christmas Day meal in December 2018, what has this size donation provided?

It costs around £50 to feed each guest on Christmas Day, which includes a four-course Christmas meal, drinks, tea and biscuits and sandwiches to take home. Your generous donation paid for five guests to have a lovely meal on a day when they would otherwise be alone.


If after reading this blog, you feel that you would like to donate to The Mixed Group please visit


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