Can you tell us your name and company?

Kerry Skilton, Grant and Stone

Can you give us a brief overview of what the business does?

Founded in 1987 the Grant & Stone name has been synonymous with quality products and services to the merchant trade and general public.  Growing stronger and expanding year on year they now provide a comprehensive and complete range of products and services for the building, plumbing and electrical trades from their 30 sites across the Thames Valley.

What is your role at Grant and Stone?

Office Administrator

Water market opening

How and why did you decide to switch to AfB for your clean and waste water services?
We occasionally use a Broker to assist us with our gas and electricity supply and so my initial discussions when the water market opened was with them.  However, after looking into the market, I felt that this was something I could do myself.

What made you decide to switch to Affinity for Business?
My main motivation for switching our sites to one supplier was to simplify our accounts and billing and to have all our services under the one umbrella with just one point of contact.
I started by looking across our sites and identifying the different clean and waste water retailers that we already worked with, I googled these suppliers and others available in the market to get a better feel for them. I noticed that a number of our accounts used AfB for their clean water services, I had always liked the way that we were very clearly and simply billed for our water by AfB which was a contrast to how we were billed by Castle Water for the waste services for those sites.

Do you feel you have a good relationship with AfB?
I made contact with AfB and spoke to Account Manager Ollie Arthurs, he explained everything to me about the switching process and made everything so nice and easy – it was really a no-brainer!  He sent me a quote which I obviously compared with some from other retailers and found it to be highly competitive.  When I was sure I was doing the best thing we kicked the switching process off.
Ollie gave me a date for when all sites would be switched and kept in touch, and it has all gone smoothly – we had one site that didn’t switch in time but Ollie picked this up straight away and that one has now moved over.

I have been very happy with the whole process, surprised at just how simple it all was!

I would always be open to talking with Ollie about other services that he thought would benefit us in the future.




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