Helen Gillett, Affinity for Businesses’ Managing Director, recently met with Utility Week for an interview where she discussed all things water retail!

Enthusiastic curiosity led Helen to join the water sector from telecommunications and the time she has invested in studying the sector, along with her previous experience in telecoms, has shaped her view of what is important when running a water retail business. Helen’s rapid self-education in the challenges of water sustainability has led her to a somewhat surprising conclusion for a water retail boss – competition may not necessarily be the best thing for the sustainability of water – especially in the South East.

“We exist in the market because we believe there’s an opportunity, and because we believe that we can do something for customers. I am quite passionate about that”

Tight margins make water retail a relatively difficult market to operate successfully in, and Helen says she hopes that “all the good will and skills” in Affinity for Business will carry it through and allow it to give customers choice. In general, Gillett is pleased with how the opening of the market has gone so far. You can read the full interview here.

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