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Who do I contact in an emergency?
If there is a sudden and unplanned change affecting your clean or waste water supply, such as a burst, a leak, or no water, you should contact your wholesaler. Your wholesaler is available for emergencies 24/7 – contact details can be found here.

I have no water
If you have no water it is worth speaking to neighbouring businesses to check if they also have no water before calling the wholesaler – your wholesaler will ask you to do this if they are not already aware of the incident.

I have poor pressure
Sometimes if you or a neighbouring business has had any plumbing works you can get an air lock in your pipes which can lead to lack of pressure, if you discover that they have had works then you should ask a plumber to come and check it for you and remove the air lock.

Poor pressure can also be due to a problem with your water supply, please contact your emergency wholesaler number to be sure.

I have blocked drains or visible sewage
This is classed as an emergency, please contact your waste water wholesaler immediately.


I want a copy of my bill
No problem, if you are a business with just one property then you can sign up to My Account and access your bills & print them out as many times as you want. If you are a customer with multiple sites you can sign up to our E-billing portal and view/print bills from there or if you prefer please contact us – make sure you have your customer number to hand!

I am moving premises
If you are a customer moving out of a premise to a new premise then you will need to contact us, you can call or email us, we will need your customer number, the date you are moving, your meter read and the details of the new premises – we will then sort it all out for you. If you have already moved you can quickly and easily fill out this form.

My bill is larger than normal
A larger bill than normal can be a warning sign that you have a leak, wait until your water isn’t being used and go and check your meter, if the dial is spinning then this indicates a leak – call a plumber to come and check for you. If this isn’t the case, give us a call and we can help. A larger bill could also be due to an increase in employees’ or installation of new equipment. You could also have dripping taps or overflows – if you’re ever unsure why your bill is larger than normal please feel free to contact us.

How can I pay my bill?
We recommend that you set up a direct debit or pay online, you can find out how to do this and the other options available here.

I want to have EDI billing – can you provide this?
Yes, we can, if you would like EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) billing then you just need to contact us to arrange this. EDI is typically used by larger public sector customers.

What is in the My Account Portal?
My Account is currently for use for our single premises businesses, once you have signed up, you can view your account balance, download copies of your bills, pay online, and edit your account preferences. We will be making this service available to all our customers in due course, if you have a multi site premise you can sign up to our E-Billing portal and view all your bills there.

I am already a clean water customer; can I get a discount?
If you haven’t already contacted us since the water market opened in April 2017 then we urge you to do so! If you let us supply both your clean and waste water then we can offer a discount to you, this will usually work out as £25 off per year or you could get 1% off your total bill if you are a larger water user – so contact us today and start saving!!

What are your service levels?
Click here to see our service levels.



What areas of the country do you cover?
Most of our customers are in the South East of England, we are based here and have a wealth of local knowledge to assist you. We will be supplying outside of this area so if you are interested in using our services then do contact us.

I am interested in getting both my clean and waste water from you, how do I get a quote?
This is easy, please fill out this form and we will get back to you within a couple of days with your quote and what you need to do next.

Will I get a discount if I switch to have my clean and waste water from you?
Yes, we will give you either £25 off every year (subject to a minimum of £150 p/y bill), or if you are a large water user you may be entitled to a larger discount – just get in touch and we will assess your usage and make you an offer!

I would like to switch to you for my clean and waste water, do I need to contact my old supplier?
No, whether you are already a clean water customer of ours and wanting us to supply your waste water too – or if you are a totally new customer – contact us and we will sort out all the rest for you, typically switching takes 15 – 20 working days.

Do I have to pay to switch?
There are no fees for switching to us and once you have signed our agreement then you can leave at any time with 30 days’ notice, there are no exit fees. If you have signed a fixed term contract with one of our competitors, then you will need to check their terms and conditions around early exit fees.

What happens if I change my mind?
You have a seven-day cooling off period, so if you change your mind just contact us within the seven days and let us know.

If I switch to you for clean and waste water will I be stuck in a contract?
No, we believe that our service is great and we will not give you any reason to want to leave – so our Terms and Conditions just state that you need to give us one month’s notice before you leave – that is it, no hidden exit fees.

I have been contacted by a company saying that they can get a better price for my water than I can – is this true?
There are lots of companies out there who support businesses in getting the best prices for their utilities, they are called TPI’s (Third Party Intermediaries) or Brokers. We do not give these companies preferential rates, neither do we pay them a commission to use us – if asked for a quote we would give them the same price as we would give you directly, we prefer to work directly with you the customer so that you can benefit from our advice and help, but if you do decide to use a TPI we will happily give them the quote for you to see.

What exactly is the switching process if I decide to go with you?
You first need to contact us and ask for a quote, we will get that back to you in 1-2 working days. If you are happy and want to proceed, we send you our Agreement, you need to return that to us signed as soon as you can and we can start the switching process – once everyone has been informed you will receive a final bill for your waste water and clean water and then your next bill will be a combined one from us.  Generally the process takes about 20 days.

How does the market work?
Traditionally, water companies have been integrated organisations supplying water, treating wastewater and providing customer service. From April 2017, this all changed. Water companies have been divided into:

Wholesalers – who supply their household customers with water and wastewater services, operate their water supply and sewerage networks for all customers and handle operational emergencies.

Retailers – who supply their non-household customers with water and wastewater services providing services to customers, including reading meters, billing and answering customer inquiries.

Affinity for Business is a Clean and Waste Water Retailer.

What is Open Water?
The national Open Water programme is managed by DEFRA, Ofwat, and a new company called Market Operator Services Ltd (MOSL). MOSL is responsible for the nationwide technology system that will enable customers to switch between retailers now the market is open.

Why has this been introduced?
The Government believes that introducing competition in water and waste water retailing will benefit non-household customers by:

  • Improving service levels
  • Increasing the flexibility of services
  • Delivering better value for money
  • Enabling customers to choose a retailer that best meets their needs

The Water Act 2014 paved the way by enabling the creation of a new competitive retail market for water and sewerage services to eligible business customers i.e. businesses, charities and public sector organisations.

How does competition work?
The new retail market for water and waste water works like many other utility markets such as telecoms, electricity and gas.

The existing water companies have become wholesalers who supply water and waste water removal to retailers. Retailers, such as Affinity for Business, compete for water and/or sewerage customers (depending on the retail licence they hold) and package up the physical supply of water and the removal of waste water with a range of other retail services.

Retailers pay the wholesalers for the water their non-household customers use and the waste water they put back into the sewer and drainage networks. Retailers then bill their customers for the water and/or waste water plus any additional value-added services they provide.

Non-household customers can change their retailer at any time, if an alternative provider offers a better price or improved service, for example.