Reviews – We’ve all read or written reviews to help us make decisions, whether that’s products reviews telling us which moisturiser really will help with wrinkles, through to hotels and service reviews to check we book the right place for our needs. There are some that are hilariously terrible, like this collection of Tripadvisor reviews, but for the most part, reviews are a crucial way for businesses to understand what they are doing well as well as what they need to improve. At AfB, we find our customer reviews extremely helpful and value your opinion. We are always thrilled when a Trustpilot review comes in that says we are doing a good job, but equally, if anyone is unhappy with the experience they have had, we want to hear about it so we can make ourselves better.
Here are the different ways our customers can give their feedback to us…


Affinity for Business How can I give my feedback?

Whether you had a good experience with a member of our team, found the switching process simple, or need to fix an issue, Trustpilot is the perfect way for you to tell us about your experience with us – we’ll always respond to your comments!

We take pride in the fact that we’re number 1 in the water supply category on Trustpilot. Our reviews are what motivate us to provide excellent service to our customers – we’ve even incorporated Trustpilot into our business model!

Also, if you leave us a Trustpilot review we’ll enter you into our monthly Trustpilot prize draw to win a £25 voucher! If you’re interested in leaving us your feedback and want to be in with the chance to win, click here.

Get in touch: call or email us

Affinity for business How can I give my feedback?

Our customer service team love to hear from our customers, after all, it’s their job to build great relationships with you! So, if you feel like passing on your thoughts directly, give us a call on 0345 357 2424 or email and we’ll look forward to passing on your feedback to the rest of the AfB team.

Social Media

Affinity for Business How can I give my feedback?

Social media is a great way for you to communicate with us as we’re always on the lookout for customers leaving their comments and posts on our social channels. You can Tweet us @Affinityfb, write a review on our Facebook page, make a comment on LinkedIn or send us a private message. We do our best to respond to each and every customer who gets in touch.

Google Reviews

Affinity for Business How do I give my Feedback?

Naturally when you try to find out more about a business, you ‘Google it’. One of Google’s amazing features includes adding reviews to business profiles. You can include a star rating, make a comment and even add photos in your feedback too! Showcase your AfB experience and tell us what you think so that we can constantly improve. To write us a Google Review, simply Google for Affinity for Business and you’ll find our profile to the right of the page. Click ‘Write a Review’ to leave your thoughts.

Have you already written us a review via one of these channels? Thank you, we really do appreciate it! If you’ve given us feedback previously and recently changed your opinions about us as a brand, we would love for you to write an updated review too. We always look forward to hearing from you!

Did reading our reviews leave you interested in switching water retailer? Click here and fill out our quick and easy switch form to find out more.


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