Summer is in full swing which means it’s the peak season for family holidays, sunny business trips and getting a break from the daily 9-5 grind. However, for the airports servicing these holiday makers, we understand that it can be quite the challenge to keep sustainable during summer. But fret not because we’ve got you covered! You could check out this list of the world’s most environmentally friendly airports to get some inspiration, but for now, we’ve broken it down into four easy tips.

Install water efficient bathroom fixtures

Affinity for Business How to become a sustainable airport during peak-season

While people are getting ready to jet off to their next destination, the first question on people’s minds before walking (or running in some cases) to the departure gate, is ‘have you been to the loo?’. It’s important to have sustainable fixtures in high-use areas of the airport, such as the bathrooms. Consider these sustainable, easy-to-install alternatives:

  • Tap aerators, which can reduce the flow of water by up to 50%
  • Waterless urinals or water-saving urinal controls. For more information, here are three ways to make your urinals more water efficient
  • Install a water saving hippo in your toilets. It’s a small container you pop in your toilet cistern to reduce the amount of water you flush each time you pull the handle and it can save up to three litres of water per flush!

Invest in sustainable transport

Affinity for Business How to become a sustainable airport during peak-season

Many airports have busses, caddies and other vehicles that are used to transport people and luggage around the airport. As you can imagine all of these operations create a lot of pollution. As transport is a necessity for most airports, cutting them out completely is probably not an option. However, you can provide sustainable alternatives such as battery-operated vehicles that produce less emissions. Some airports, such as Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport have already adopted this sustainable strategy.

Having a green airport reduces warm temperatures

Affinity for Business How to become a sustainable airport during peak-season

During hot summer months, it can be difficult to keep room temperatures at a low. But a great way to get around this sustainably, is to have plants both inside and outside the airport. This will reduce the surrounding temperature and improve the airports air quality too. You can take inspiration from Singapore’s Changi Airport, featured in the image above. Get creative by including a feature wall or an area of plants which can add a sense of serenity to the room. Don’t forget to water your plants efficiently too, you can do this by using a watering can, investing in water butts or using a rainwater harvesting system.

Make use of solar panels

Affinity for Business How to become a sustainable airport during peak-season

Take advantage of saving energy by installing solar panels to soak up the sunlight. Although it can be initially expensive, the pay-off from low energy bills and sustainability credentials will make your efforts worthwhile.


We are really excited to announce we recently partnered with London Heathrow to manage its clean and waste water services for their entire estate. Find our more about our 5-year sustainability plan and partnership with them here.

Here at Affinity for Business, we believe sustainability is fundamental to business success. To find out more about how we can help your business, simply click here.


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