Today is International Women’s Day, commemorating the movement for women’s rights across the world. We wanted to dedicate a blog to some of the empowering women that are having an impact in water awareness. So here are just a few of the amazing women who are being huge advocates for rights to water access across the world.

Ellie Simmonds

Not only did Ellie Simmonds win a number of gold medals in the Paralympics for Team GB, but she’s been an inspiration to the water industry too. She’s been very busy working with the charity WaterAid in Uganda to help make a difference improving the countries clean water supplies.

Emily Cummins

Emily Cummins is an award-winning inventor who is helping solve real-world problems in developing countries. Her inventions include a sustainable refrigerator ‘powered’ by dirty water and a water carrier to help reduce the hours women and children spend walking to collect clean drinking water.

Mina Guli

Mina Guli is an Australian business women, environmental activist and CEO of Thirst, a charity bringing awareness to water crises around the world. In 2016, Mina completed 1,688km of running through seven deserts, on seven continents in seven weeks in order to raise awareness about water shortages – talk about commitment!

So Happy International Women’s Day! Don’t forget anyone can be an advocate for water, so use this day as an opportunity to power change! Tell us how you’re saving water or campaigning for water rights on Twitter @affinityfb

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