It’s that grim time of the year again. Christmas is well and truly over and those January blues are upon us. People are immersed in attempts to maintain their New Year resolutions, be it to get fit or stick to an alcohol free, ‘Dry January’ – a common resolution after the substantial alcoholic intake that tends to go hand in hand with Christmas celebrations.

This annual health kick and ‘new year, new me’ attitude, means that a lot of people are focusing less on wine o’clock and more on drinking those recommended two litres of water each day. Below, we have pulled together some tips and tricks on how businesses and employees can work together to encourage a switched on, sober and sustainable workplace.

Count the cups
We all suffer the back to work slog after Christmas. Commutes in and out of work are conducted in the darkness of night and getting up for our morning alarm is painful. Caffeine is much needed in order to get us through the meetings and emails that we have become unaccustomed to during the long Christmas break – so this can see the tea rounds in the office on high demand. When making a round, it can seem easier to just fill the kettle to the brim as it’s assumed that colleagues will catch on and ask for a cuppa too. But chances are, each time you boil the kettle, you’re using more water than is needed. In fact, according to the Energy Saving Trust, 67% of people in Britain admit to overfilling the kettle when they use it. You might not think it’s a big deal, but that’s a lot of wasted water and energy. The UK Tea Council states that our tea-drinking nation guzzles 165m cups of tea and 70m cups of coffee every day! This means a lot of CO2 is being emitted from the office kettle. Next time you make a tea round, be sure to measure the amount of water you actually need so you don’t waste any. You’ll not only save water, but you’ll also save time waiting around for the kettle to boil!

Don’t bottle it!
Your health kick this month might include consuming two litres of water every day – the recommended amount – and this can mean it’s tempting to replace the bottle of bubbles in the office fridge with bottled water. However, it’s a good idea to get a flask or reusable bottle instead. This saves you money (which we all could do with in January!) and is a much more sustainable method of consuming water instead of purchasing packs of bottled water. Plastic bottles take a whopping 450 years to break down and the Thames21 waterways group revealed that plastic bottles make up 10% of all litter found in the Thames. So the next time you drink water from a flask, you can feel hydrated and eco-friendly!

Save on the showers
For those keen beans out there, ‘dry January’ might also be accompanied by a rigorous exercise routine. Before getting into the office at 9am, you might go for a morning run or hit an exercise class before taking a shower and changing at the office. It might be tempting to procrastinate getting ready in order to put off the thought of opening your email inbox, but those extra minutes in the shower add up to a lot of water consumption. Try to stick to just two minutes in the shower – you can even suggest fixing a water timer in the office bathroom. Not only will it save on wasted water, which is better for the environment, but it will help keep your water bills low – win win.

So there you go, some office tips for keeping ‘dry January’ dry and your hydration levels high. Good luck with those New Year resolutions and don’t forget to drink sustainably! Why not let us know how your business or employees are getting on with your New Year’s resolutions on our twitter page @affinityfb

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