It’s peak season for lidos and leisure centres in the summer, from squeezing those last few workouts in before your next holiday, to entertaining the kids during the school break. Running your business during these months can lead to an increase in utility bills including rather large water bills. This may sound scary when you’re managing a swimming-pool but fear not, AfB are here to help you reduce your water consumption with our five top tips.

Cover your swimming-pool

Affinity for Business Lidos and Leisure centres: 5 Tips to Reduce Your Water Consumption

Did you know that when a pool is uncovered, it can lose up to a thousand gallons of water from evaporation each month? That’s enough to fill up 10 full bathtubs! To stop water in your pool evaporating, a simple solution is to invest in a solar cover. This is a cover made out of propylene (a thermal plastic) and stops the water in your pool from evaporating. The thermal properties in the cover conserves the temperature of the water in your pool meaning you’ll spend less on both your water and energy bills.

Decrease the temperature of your pool

On the topic of evaporation, reducing the swimming pool temperature will also help to cut down on your business’s water consumption sustainably. Evaporation not only affects water levels but it also evaporates the chemicals in your pool too. By lowering the pool temperature and having the added insulation from your solar cover, you may even be able to notice the difference in your monthly water bills.

Install water saving appliances in your shower rooms

Affinity for Business Lidos and Leisure centres: 5 Tips to Reduce Your Water Consumption

A lot of water consumption in a lido or leisure centre comes from the changing room showers. Whether it’s in use after training in the gym or doing lengths in the pool, your customer usage is pretty much out of your control. Thankfully, there are water-saving appliances that lower water consumption, including low flow shower heads and self-closing shower valves.

Low flow shower heads push out 50% less water compared to your regular shower, through pushing out air instead of more water. Additionally, you can reduce water consumption by installing a self-closing shower valve, which stops water from coming out the head after a period of time automatically. They’re great for ensuring showers aren’t left running and they reduce the amount of time spent using in the shower too.

Manage the chemicals you put in your swimming pool

Affinity for Business Lidos and Leisure centres: 5 Tips to Reduce Your Water Consumption

Maintaining the pool’s filter systems can prevent a huge amount of water loss. Using an automatic pool cleaner, a vacuum cleaner designed to collect debris and sediment from the bottom of a swimming pool is an effective way to maintain clean filter systems. It also reduces the frequency of having to backwash the pool water to rinse the filter from debris.

Lower the Pool’s Water Levels

Affinity for Business Lidos and Leisure centres: 5 Tips to Reduce Your Water Consumption

The higher the water level of your swimming pool, the more chance you have of wasting water. Large amounts of water can be lost through everyday use, such as splashing and jumping in the pool. We would recommend keeping the water levels of a swimming pool around 5-10 Inches below the surface of the pool.

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