It’s the middle of January and for those who have commited to New Year’s resolutions (be it taking on Dry January or even Veganuary) the half-way mark has surpassed! However, for many, the next few weeks are the real challenge, as the discipline to stick to these resolutions starts to wane. In order to keep your motivation high, here are some top tips to help make your resolutions sustainable.

Resolution: “Do More Exercise”

That health kick you were so enthusiastic about at the start of the month is beginning to seem less and less exciting. Taking 3 exercise classes a week may be beginning to take its toll. Fret not, there are a number of habits you can implement into your daily routine in order for you to keep up that exercise, without the worry of going to the gym all the time.

Use the car less. Think about all of those 10 minute car journeys you take. Why not ditch the car and walk instead? You’ll be reaching those recommended 10,000 steps in no time in addition to making your contribution to reducing your carbon footprint. It’s also a good idea to assess your commute to work. If there is a good route on public transport, then perhaps try it out. Better still, take public transport part of the way and then walk the rest!

If you still feel like you’re not getting in your exercise but find yourself strapped for time, you could organise a walking club at work. Taking some time out of the office and getting some fresh air could make you focus better in the afternoon as well as enable you to fit in your exercise.

Resolution: “Dry January”
If you’re doing Dry January and you’re beginning to struggle, then try to refocus your goals. Instead of focusing on the fact that you’re not drinking alcohol, focus on the challenge of trying to drink 2 litres of water a day.

Purchase a refillable flask. If you have a full flask of water on your desk, you will be more likely to make a conscious decision to drink more water. Using a flask is also much cheaper (and sustainable) than purchasing packs of bottled water. The benefits of a good water intake include clearer skin and can even increase your energy levels. As you begin to feel better in yourself, there will be less temptation to drink alcohol that will just make you feel sluggish and hungover.

Resolution: “Eat More Greens”
Eating a healthy diet is not just a common New Year’s resolution, but also a goal that many of us struggle with throughout the year. Don’t let your healthy eating deteriorate after January. Getting your 5 a day has so many benefits and the healthier you eat, the better you will feel.

Why not create a veggie patch at work? It will be a great project for your colleagues to get stuck into and can supply you with organic fruit and vegetables throughout the year. There will be no excuses for not eating those greens and it’s been proven that having greenery around the office increases the mood. Chilli plants, herb gardens and small cucumbers are all easy to grow in an office environment.

Resolution: “Be More Mindful”
Taking more time for yourself is a common new year’s resolution and it also tends to be the first to slip as life gets busier and time seems to whizz by. You may have begun the year determined to take up yoga or read up on hygge (mindfulness is a big trend at the moment). However it is really important to try and maintain this resolution. Even taking the time to remember why you made the resolution in the first place can help you stick to it.

Set up an office yoga group. Why not see who else in the office wants to get involved and band together to get an office yoga group going? Or a lunchtime Pilates class. Taking even just half an hour of your day to focus on yourself will result in benefits to your productivity, as you will be able to refocus your priorities and de-stress yourself.

We hope these tips are useful in making you stick to your New Year’s resolutions, after all, it’s the small steps that make a big difference.

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