At Affinity for Business we are all about people. Our customers are our number one priority and we want to make sure that they are happy… and it’s our wonderful employees that work day in, day out, to make sure that’s a reality. It’s these lovely people that make AfB so great.

Each employee at AfB brings something different to the table – whether they work in customer support, marketing or accounts. So instead of just keeping our amazing talent all to ourselves, we wanted to share a little bit about them with you. Here are some insights into just a handful of our fantastic team. Keep an eye on our website, we will be introducing you to more of our team over the next few weeks.

Jess, Head of Marketing & Communications

I’m responsible for ensuring that AfB is well-known within the water industry and that our messages are clearly communicated to our customers. We try and give a personal touch to all our marketing materials from the bills that get sent out to customers, through to the content we put on our website, and this seems to be resonating well with our customers. Customers like that we genuinely care, when they call in they will actually get through to our friendly team, it’s not just something we say on a piece of paper!

We want customers to continue to experience great customer service, clear communications and fantastic support from our staff. As we expand as a business, we’ll need to ensure that we invest in being able to support our increasing client base.

Fun fact: When I was growing up we went on ‘goat friendly holidays’ as we couldn’t find anyone willing to milk them every day they had to join us! (As did our Great Dane and a few hens!)

Gennie, Customer Support Team Leader

I am responsible for managing our Metering/Billing, Correspondence & Complaints team. The metering team ensures that customers are billed correctly and advises them if the reads are too high or too low. The Correspondence team deal with customer queries that come in via email and post and any work that is more complex or technical. The Complaints team deal with all customer complaints, making sure that the customer receives an immediate response to acknowledge the problem, the team will then make sure that these are dealt with promptly to ensure a good outcome for the customer. We take all complaints seriously and aim to resolve these as soon as possible.

Everyone at AfB is so friendly, we treat each other well and everyone is happy. I can’t complain – which is a good feeling as I work in complaints! If you need anything from us, contact us and we will be there for you! That’s a promise.

Fun fact: I have started training for shoktan karate.

Tarran, Account Manager

I communicate with our schools and support them with any issues they might encounter. We put a lot of effort into being personal points of contact for our customers, and not just a stranger at the end of the phone. Our biggest priority is to maintain strong communication both with our customers and within the business. Affinity for Business really care about their staff. The atmosphere here is really good and working here is like being at home because it is such a friendly place. Our culture is reflected into our customer service and we treat our customers like we would want to be treated.

Fun fact: Avid Rum drinker, motorcyclist, bassist and general nerd.

Alfie, Bid Manager

I look after business tenders and support the sales team in securing large, usually national contracts.

We have an honest and customer focused offer at Affinity for Business, so it’s great to bring that to the market. I like being part of the team that is turning AfB into a success.

The main benefit for the majority of customers we work with in bids, especially for our larger more strategic partnerships, is our sustainability offering. We have unique inhouse capabilities in the form of sustainability experts, who can help advise our customers on ways to dramatically reduce their water consumption. This helps them in the long run with both cost savings and their longer term environmentally conscious responsibilities.

Fun fact: I go bouldering (a form of climbing) 2-3 times a week.

Michael, Assistant Bids Manager

I help to complete tenders for large, national customers. I spend a lot of time doing background research into the business we’re bidding for. l always want to deliver the best offering we can, I believe we have a lot to offer.

I like how my role is so varied. One week I might spend a lot of time writing and the next week I’ll be doing creative strategies and talking to a range of different people. A big focus for us at the moment is implementing our sustainability offering that we’ve developed over the course of the past few months. I never do the same task twice as we are so personalised in our offer for each company and their specific needs

Fun fact: I used to play American football at university and even did some coaching.