If you know Affinity for Business, you may be familiar with our ethos; a happy workplace with happy employees, creates happy customers. Our number one focus is creating a great place to work and in turn, provide excellent service levels to our customers, communicated through our customer Trustpilot reviews.

Since we began collecting customer reviews on Trustpilot (in 2017), the platform has become part of our everyday language, it’s a great way for us to collect customer feedback and identify what we’re doing well and how we can improve our processes. The entire team have adopted Helen’s fixation with Trustpilot and it shows every time we receive a review and ring the office Trustpilot bell, which is often followed by an ovation of applause from everyone in the office! Our reviews are even more rewarding when customers mention a member of the team’s name – we call these employees the ‘Stars Behind the Stars’. In this blog, we put a face to the names of some of our team, who you may have recognised through our Trustpilot reviews.

Stay tuned for part-two of this mini-series on our blog in the coming weeks!


Name: Adam White
Role: Key Accounts Manager
Team: Customer Growth

What is your favourite part about working at AfB?

Personally, it’s about being part of a family, a team of people who all want to achieve the same goals.

Proudest moment/biggest achievement so far? 

My proudest moment was being made an Account Manager.

Name: Kayleigh Horner-Hughes
Role: Key Accounts Advisor
Team: Key Accounts

Fun fact: I have a three-legged cat named Ollivander

Tell us about your role at AfB?

I am a Key Accounts Advisor, I look after the larger key accounts we have and my main customers are Heathrow, Oxford University and more! My role is routine mixed in with non-routine, as we have things we do on a daily basis and then items that pop up out the blue that we have to deal with!

What do you like most about being in the customer service team at AfB?

I love connecting with people and interacting with them. However, the best times are when you can resolve issues, that’s always a good feeling. Building relationships is also very important for me.

Do you have a favourite Trustpilot review?

I received one from Simon Foxton from ZapGo, which I really appreciated because it was so unexpected. I had developed a great correspondence with Simon as the issue was ongoing for quite some time, however Simon’s response was so personalised to my work, it was really great to hear!

Stars Behind the Stars Trustpilot Review

What’s your most memorable Trustpilot moment?

I was the 100th TP review we received! I hadn’t realised at first but it was a great surprise!

Name: Alex Newman
Role: Customer Service Advisor
Team: Contact Centre

What is your favourite part about working at AfB?

Wow, where do I start? From minute one in training, Raj set the tone. Everyone is so friendly here and my team is great to work with. Except Mel…Mel is not just great, she’s awesome and has further trained me up (she has also stated she feel she ought to take some credit for my 5-star reviews!). We have free coffee, a Simmons van which does a mean meat samosa, and how could you forget Bring Your Dog to Work Days!

Proudest moment/biggest achievement so far? 

I am a humble man, so I’ll just say the three 5* reviews in one week has probably been the biggest plus I’ve had since being here. Becoming one of the team. I am of course still training, but I enjoy every minute of it. I like making people laugh and smile. So, for me, a smiling colleague is always an achievement – happy colleagues make for a happy workplace.

Biggest lesson learned so far? 

The biggest lesson I’ve learned so far is the importance of detail when leaving a QOS (Quality of Service).

Anything you weren’t expecting and were pleasantly surprised with?

The laid-back approach here has taken me by surprise, yet it is brilliant to see people working so hard and not getting complacent. Everyone is so happy to be working here and it really shows.

It is nice to be part of such an atmosphere. I asked someone when I started here, what Helen was like as a boss and they stated she was amazing. Not like any other boss they’d ever had. I won’t tell you who said this, so for arguments sake we’ll just call him Will. I can see why they said it though and could not agree more.


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