A new playing field – with new benefits for your business

From April next year, more than 1.2 million eligible businesses in England will be able to choose their water supplier. Why Ofwat (the water regulator) have made this change… to increase competition in the marketplace and, by doing so, allow all businesses, from the smallest high street shops to the largest public authorities, to shop around and get the best deal for them.

For more information visit www.open-water.org.uk

Why Affinity for Business is right for your business

We might be one of the smaller water regions in the country, but no other water company thinks bigger – especially when it comes to delivering money-saving and water-saving solutions for businesses of all sizes. Well-grounded, knowledgeable and experienced, we’re proud to be located at the heart of our region, sharing the same values as our business customers and dedicated to supplying them with reliable, high quality water – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you’re an existing Affinity for Business customer, we’ll continue to work tirelessly to not only deliver the kind of outstanding service you rightly demand and expect, but also bring you the kind of innovative, forward-thinking efficiencies, support and advice that will continue to help you be water efficient – and save money.

And if you’re not currently one of our business customers, we believe that making the switch to us next April will help increase water usage awareness amongst your employees – reducing your water usage and making your budget go further as a result.

Like to join us?

Not an Affinity for Business customer? It’s easy to switch and join the thousands of companies already benefitting from our excellent customer service and money-saving water efficiency advice and guidance.

How we’ve helped our business customers save water and money

The world’s busiest passenger port

Completed the handover of the port’s Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) system.

The biggest airport in the UK

Developed innovative water saving solutions that helped save time and money.