Happy Water Saving Week! Here at Affinity for Business, we are constantly striving to practice what we preach when it comes to water saving and sustainability, and in light of this week being Water Saving Week, we wanted to share some of the best practice  water saving gadgets that can help your business to become more sustainable and use less water. Using less water will not only help to save you money in the long run, but it will also help the planet whilst you’re at it!

Every business needs water, whether it’s to make your daily morning cup of tea or ensuring your employees stay hydrated and on the ball we all need water to survive. So, the first step for you, is to recognise how much water your business is using, where in the workplace it’s being used most and when…. then it’s time to take action.

#1: Dishwasher

Affinity for Business Water Saving Week– Saving water in the workplace

This may sound self-explanatory but having an eco-friendly dishwasher in the staff kitchen or canteen is vital to saving water and becoming just that bit more sustainable. Rule out your employees washing their own mugs individually under a running tap by simply loading your dishes in the dishwasher and when it’s completely full, switch on the eco setting and then you’re good to go- who knew saving water could be so easy!

#2: Water Efficient Taps

Affinity for Business Water Saving Week– Saving water in the workplace

Got a leaky tap? If the dripping wasn’t annoying enough, it’s also cost effective to get it fixed asap. That seemingly minor dripping could result in your wasting 10,000 litres of water over the course of just a single year!
You can also use less water everyday by installing water-efficient taps, such as those with infrared sensors, flow restrictors or an aerator. This may sound daunting, but they’re easy to fit and depending on the wholesaler you’re with, they may offer the devices you need for free. This will mean only the necessary amount of water is released, unlike the press taps that continue to run, sometimes long after a person has finished washing their hands.

#3: Mains-Fed Water Cooler

Using a Mains-Fed Water Cooler can reduce the frequency of employees running the tap throughout the day. Not only does it save water, but it encourages your employees to drink more every day- Great! We recommend getting a Mains-Fed Water Cooler rather than a Standard Water Cooler because it saves both money and the environment- let’s put that into perspective shall we? A standard Water Cooler costs on average £18 per week as opposed to spending an average of £5 a week on a Mains-Fed Water Cooler, giving you an unlimited supply of chilled water, without the worry of having to restock plastic water bottles for the office. Can’t beat a bit of water cooler gossip too!

#4: Shower timers and Eco Shower Heads

Affinity for Business Water Saving Week- Saving Water in the Workplace

Shower timers are a great little gadget to let your employees or customers know that it’s time to start saving water. This helpful tool works like an egg timer that you would have in your kitchen for cooking- it simply sticks to the shower wall with a suction cup and is a gentle reminder for customers taking a long hot shower at the gym or having a lengthy soak in their hotel room.
Whilst encouraging your staff and customers to save water through a shower timer, you could also install a more efficient way to save water through your shower head by fitting Eco Shower Heads. An Eco Shower Head can reduce half the volume of water used in a normal shower, without affecting the power of the water pressure. They are a great way to save water in workplaces such as, gyms, leisure centres, hotels, spa’s and offices with shower facilities for their employees.

#5: Low Flow Loo’s

Affinity for Business Water Saving Week- Saving Water in the Workplace

Toilets can be one of the biggest wastes of water in a business. We recommend upgrading your toilet with newer, more efficient technology such as Low Flow Toilets- they use half the water, with double the flush! Low Flow Loo’s use significantly less water than your standard full flush toilet – in fact, Low Flow Toilets use around 4.6 Litres of water per flush, in comparison to a whopping 6 Litres of water with a Full Flush system- what a waste!

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