Is your sink draining slower than usual? Does your loo keep filling up with water after every flush? If so, you are probably suffering from slow draining appliances. This can be a real pain for businesses such as hairdressers, pet groomers, restaurants and hotels that depend on their water supply for their everyday operations. Sound familiar? There’s no need to fret as we’ll be giving you a few simple solutions to get your drains running smoothly again.

Debris or build-up in your sink

Affinity for Business Slow draining sink or toilet? Find out the causes and solutions to this common problem

One of the most common causes related to slow draining sinks is debris and the build-up of hair, shampoo and other soaps, which slow the draining of water, eventually leading to a clogged pipe. It’s nothing a home remedy wouldn’t fix! Simply take out your drain cover removing any build up from the surface and pour half a cup of baking soda directly down the drain, followed by half a cup full of distilled white vinegar and allow the products to bubble and fizz for the next 15 minutes. Once the bubbling has stopped, turn the hot water tap on to wash out the products. Using these store-cupboard ingredients should do the trick, nonetheless, if you feel that the clog needs an extra push, you can use a clean plunger to unclog the drain, it works just a well in the sink as it does in the loo!

The toilet tank isn’t filling up quickly enough

Affinity for Business Slow draining sink or toilet? Find out the causes and solutions to this common problem

If your toilet is slow to refill, it could mean that the water level in your toilet tank is too low. You can tell if you lift the toilet lid, as the water level should rest one to two inches below the large open pipe near the centre of the tank. If you find that the water levels are low, this could mean there is debris build up in your water system meaning the flow of the water slows down the valves filling speed. Wondering how to adjust the loo’s water levels? Here’s a handy demonstration on how to check your tank.

Your toilet could be blocked

Affinity for Business Slow draining sink or toilet? Find out the causes and solutions to this common problem

We recommend using a trusty toilet plunger to unclog the toilet pipe if your loo is draining painfully slow after flushes. Plungers force out the air and water in your toilet bowl, creating a suction to loosen the clog. Is the block still being too stubborn? Another option is to use a toilet auger if plunging hasn’t worked.

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  1. Sarah

    Would always recommend trying the baking soda method before you go out and buy expensive unblocking products that are advertised all over the TV. Baking soda is harmless to the system, very cheap to purchase and always worth a try. If not, do a bit of research, read what other people have been saying about unblocking products and then use carefully so as not to waste the product. A simple plunge can do the same thing in a U bend too, so it may require a little elbow grease but will ultimately save you buying too many pricey products.

    • Iliana, Affinity for Business

      Thanks Sarah for the great advice!

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