Water is a vital business resource yet there is increasing pressure on our water supply as the population and economy grows and as instances of warmer and drier weather increase. Shortages can impact your business operations and productivity whilst leaks, excessive and inefficient use wastes money. It’s therefore important that we are efficient and only use what we need. This includes checking how much water you are using, how you are using it, repairing leaks, fitting devices that will help you use less water and helping you and your team change their behaviours to save water.

How does sustainability help your business?

Sustainability is key to ensuring that your business is operating efficiently. By reducing, reusing and recycling your water you can stop waste, save money and reduce your impact on the environment whilst meeting your own sustainability objectives. By saving water you not only save money on your water supply but also on your wastewater disposal costs and on any energy used for heating wasted hot water.

Other benefits include a reduction in your carbon footprint, improved compliance with environmental legislation and the ability to generate positive PR messages. Being sustainable can also make your business more attractive to potential customers, employees, stakeholders and investors.

At Affinity for Business we care about people and planet and believe that working sustainably makes good business sense. It runs through everything we do.

What can I do to be water efficient?

To help you understand, plan and implement the best way for your business to become water efficient you should:

  1. Understand your water use
  2. Check you have the correct pressure
  3. Identify leaks and where you are using too much water
  4. Make changes to save water

To find out more about water efficiency services and ways you can reduce your water bill and be a more sustainable business, download our guide.

A guide to water efficiency services - reducing your water bill and being a more sustainable business

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