I have been an Account Manager in the water industry for 11 years, I started on a 6 month contract and refused to leave as I loved and still love the diversity that the role brings. When you can help any customer with water issues or problems and resolve them swiftly so they can get their business back functioning as normal it is very gratifying. Every business needs water even if just for drinking water but many Business and Schools utilise water for a myriad of processes and activities. Water efficiency and saving on the cost of both water and waste water is also delivering a very achievable message and service. As I am road based the majority of the time visiting customers I am fortunate to go to many unique and interesting sites and buildings and meet some wonderful people.

Favourite expression: Two actually! “Just do it and above all do it well managing expectations all the way” and “Put yourself in the customers shoes and you will always use empathy and knowledge to help them”

I will never be seen without… My trusty note book as in a paper one! And never without my phone, as pictures are an asset when getting to know any premises and calling our team members to start and help rolling. Making notes is the intelligent thing to do especially when you are dealing with multiple sites in any given week.

Fun fact about yourself: One of my hobbies is fencing. Not erecting fencing! Fencing with a Epe sword, it’s a great mood lifter and almost like a dance of wit, swiftness and cunning!

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