Scotland made its mark in 2008 by becoming the first country in the world to adopt a deregulated water market; since the adoption, businesses have benefited from improvements in water delivery, customer services and efficiencies. Such benefits can be seen across all other service utilities, such as; gas, electricity, phone and broadband services. We have written this definitive open water market guide to enable you to see how this deregulation can benefit you and your business.

What does the deregulation of the English water market mean?

The deregulation of the water market has meant that the competition can flourish, with the market open, businesses are able to shop around to inspect different retail providers and if they wish to do so, switch their clean water and wastewater supplier. Meaning, that 1.2 million businesses in England will be able to pick their water retailers based on cost savings, customer service and packages on offer; such as dual water and wastewater accounts.

How does the water deregulation benefit you?

If your business is in England or Scotland here’s how this deregulation can benefit you:

Save money – You are afforded some negotiating power with the open market, allowing you to dictate somewhat how much you spend on water and wastewater services. Remember it doesn’t matter where you’re based or where the water supplier is based, the choice is yours.

Better customer service It’s become an incredibly competitive market, with water retailers having to improve on incentives, such as money saving, whilst additionally looking after their clients. Water retailers are going to have to pay attention to getting things right for their customers and providing satisfaction as best they can, otherwise, they risk losing customers to their competition.

Package deals As with other utility retailers in the gas and electric market, water retailers will be able to offer dual water and waste services to their customers, with opportunities for discounts. Affinity for Business offer one bill for clean and waste water with the added bonus of £25 cash back a year* and no fixed term contract.

How easy is it to switch water supplier?

It’s as easy as switching your gas provider, following the same path. First, you need to be armed with your water usage data and your current rates; this should give you a great picture of your present and future water usage and requirements. You then, simply, work your way around the various water companies, discussing your needs with them until you finalise on the best deal offered to you.

What are the risks?

First off, just to reiterate, you’re not relaying extensive pipe work, nor are you undertaking any significant works, you are simply changing supplier like you would for gas and electricity. There are no risks associated unless the new provider tries to tie you into a long-term contract, just advantages of better customer service and money savings. Find a provider who provides great customer service and answers all your questions, without expecting you to sign your life away.

Why choose Affinity for Business?

Affinity for Business is different; we pride ourselves on our exemplary customer service, as well as offering cost efficient deals for your clean water and waste water provision. Innovation is also at the heart of our business; whether that be through our smart metering, cost-effective tariffs or new ways to save water.

This is what we call Fresh Water Thinking. You can be assured that with Affinity for Business, you will deal with a local company that talks simply, avoids jargon and aims to deliver the very best value. Our advisors are all based in our Hatfield office and are always here to help on whatever contact channel is best for you.



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