Did you know that one million plastic bottles are bought every minute around the world? Crazy, right?! What’s even more shocking is that this figure is expected to grow a whopping 20% by 2020. As the weather turns warmer, we are encouraged to take cold water with us to make sure we stay hydrated and for many of us that means nipping to the shop to pick up a plastic bottle of water, rather than bringing our own from home and it’s a habit that needs breaking. Disposable plastic water bottles are very damaging to the environment. If not recycled, they can contaminate our oceans, harm marine life such as turtles, fish and dolphins and the production of them releases high levels of carbon dioxide which increase our carbon footprint. We all need to do our part to reduce plastic waste, so here are 3 easy ways to change your plastic water bottle habits…

Affinity for Business Top 3 tricks to avoid using plastic water bottles

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Invest in a reusable water bottle

Disposable bottled water generates five hundred times more carbon dioxide than tap water – so by making a small change and filling up a reusable bottle can make all the difference to our carbon footprint. With the power of the internet, there are no excuses for purchasing a reusable water bottle, it couldn’t be easier! You can get it delivered the next day and even in your favourite colour too.

Affinity for Business Top 3 tricks to avoid using plastic water bottles

If you’re keen to convert to all re-usable alternatives, you can get your hands on a reusable water bottle with a reusable straw, even the Love Island bunch have them!  Hit two birds with one stone and cut out both plastic bottles and straws in one. Even McDonald’s announced recently that they will be scrapping all plastic straws – so imagine what a difference we can all make if we work together to reduce our plastic usage.

Marine life often mistakes plastic in the ocean for food and they commonly get themselves trapped up in it, which can be very dangerous. By avoiding plastic water bottles and straws, you’ll be reducing the amount of plastic that ends up in the ocean, making it a safer habitat for marine life.

Instant cold taps for the workplace

Affinity for Business Top 3 tricks to avoid using plastic water bottles

As summer approaches and temperatures rise, an ice-cold drink of water really does quench your thirst. Instead of stocking up on expensive bottled water, why not install instant cold taps in the workplace. Check out our instant tap in the AfB office in the above photo. If you’ve installed one already, go ahead and tweet us a photo of it @Affinityfb, we would love to see how you’re getting on.

Installing instant cold taps in your business means you’ll no longer have to let the tap run to the right temperature. This means wasting much less water and you’ll also be motivating your staff to drink more and stay hydrated throughout the day, which is better for productivity levels! Instant cold taps are also the perfect match for your reusable water bottle!

Stainless steel water bottles

Affinity for Business Top 3 tricks to avoid using plastic water bottles

People are often put off by reusable water bottles because they hate the thought of warm water sitting around in a bottle all day.  Fret not! Stainless steel water bottles keep your drinks cool throughout the entire day, and if you can’t function without your morning coffee, they’re amazing for keeping your hot drinks warm too. Stainless steel water bottles are a great alternative to disposable plastic bottles because you can pop them in the dishwasher at the end of the day, ready to reuse the next morning.

Now that you’re prepared to ditch the disposable plastic water bottles, we all need to do our part to dispose of them properly.

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