We know that some days even our coffee needs a coffee to get through the day. On days like this, we are known to drink copious amounts of this liquid gold to perk us up and get us through, so in light of UK Coffee Week, we’re encouraging avid coffee drinkers to become more sustainable in their daily coffee drinking habits. Not to worry, you won’t need to lower your latte consumption for this one, there are just a few adjustments you can make to drink coffee and be sustainable at the same time!

Our first recommendation is to treat yourself to a reusable coffee mug. Not only do they reduce the amount of paper and plastic cups that you will be using, but you can get them in different sizes and colours too. Also, many coffee chains like Pret are offering money off your drinks if you bring in your own cup – win win. Don’t like the thought of giving up your branded takeaway cup? Even some of the most popular coffee shops support sustainability by selling their own brand reusable mugs. Alternatively, if you’re a local coffee business, by selling re-usable branded mugs it is a great way to get people talking and reminded of your business.

Our second tip. Did you know you can reuse coffee grounds as fertiliser! Save the coffee grounds from your morning cappuccino and simply add the grounds into the soil in your garden or even the office plants. Once the coffee decomposes, it provides amazing nutrients for your plants to thrive. Using coffee as fertiliser improves the drainage of your plants, gives them water retention and aeration in the soil.

Lastly, we recommend drinking fair trade products. Next time you’re at your local supermarket, don’t forget to look out for the fair-trade logo on your coffee packaging. When you buy fair trade, most farmers work with sustainable production methods, meaning they help keep the natural environment flourishing in the long run. By purchasing fair trade, you’ll be contributing towards developing the local community to have a fair wage and introduce better initiatives such as healthcare and education.

Let us know how you’re a sustainable coffee drinker by tweeting us @Affinityfb, Happy UK Coffee Week!

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