We can tend to take water for granted until something goes wrong. For example, if you start to experience low or super high-water pressure, you will quickly know about it and the consequences can be drastic. So, what is water pressure and why does it vary?

Water pressure is simply the force that pushes the water through the pipes and determines the flow of the water coming from your businesses taps, showers and loos. Your water pressure levels can depend on a few different factors, including, how high the water reservoir is above your property, the amount of water being used by others in the surrounding area and the height of which your building is located. So, to help you understand the process more clearly, here’s a diagram to help visualise each of these:

A water reservoir is placed at the top of a hill- the higher the hill the more powerful your water pressure will be. The position of your property also depends on your water pressure levels, and as the diagram shows, the higher your shop front, school, or offices are, the lower water pressure you’ll have, due to the pressure the water will need to travel back up the hill. Alternatively, if you’re located lower down the hill, less force will be needed meaning you’ll have higher water pressure – Simple!

There are a number of other reasons for low water pressure. At certain times of the day water can be in high demand, often this is at the start of the working day and again around dinner time, when people are showering for work, or preparing their food. The more in demand water is, the less pressure there will be to go around. Another cause of low pressure can be during dry spells when sprinklers and hose pipes are often used.

Low water pressure could also be down to the wholesaler that you’re with experiencing operational issues, these can be resolved by your water company, just give your retailer a call and they’ll send someone down to have a look in no time!

On the other hand, if you’re experiencing high water pressure, it could be damaging to your pipes. One of the main causes of high water pressure is trapped air in your water pipes, simply run your taps for a few minutes to release the air and your pressure should return to normal. If you’re still experiencing problems, our advice is to contact your water company as soon as possible to avoid the problem getting worse.

Do your business experience any water pressure issues?  Then simply give us a call on 0345 357 2424, send us an email to enquiries@affinityforbusiness.co.uk or visit our contact us page, and one of our friendly advisers will be happy to help!

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