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After having a dry Summer in 2018 and below average rainfall in the first half of winter, this has left soils relatively dry. Dry soils mean that it is less likely for rainfall to reach Affinity Water’s aquifers (aquifers are the underground layer of water-bearing permeable rock) and has caused a delayed start to the recharge period which is normally during March/ April.

Rainfall and groundwater levels

Affinity for Business Water resource levels remain below average in the Affinity Water wholesale area

Image sourced by Affinity Water


The December (2018) rain has meant that there is more moisture in the soil and rainfall now has a better chance of soaking through to Affinity Water’s aquifers. This is an improvement in comparison to this time last year.

We are dependent on winter rainfall as this ensures we are in a good position for Spring and Summer months. Therefore, it is important to practice water efficiency in the workplace if rainfall levels continue to fall below average.

Here are a few top tips for maintaining water efficiency in your business this winter:

  • Install water saving appliances such as self-closing / battery operated taps, water-saving hippos for toilet cisterns and water-saving urinal controls
  • Store rainwater in a water butt or harvesting system, this water can be reused for watering your business plants and gardens on dry days
  • Insulate your hot water pipes and tanks
  • Check regularly for dripping taps, leaks and burst pipes

As temperatures are reported to plummet and Ice is expected this January, prepare for Winter and beat the chill with these top tips on our blog.


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