After having a dry Autumn and Winter (2018/19), the central region in the Affinity Water supply area received 25% of long-term average rainfall in April. This has left groundwater levels to remain below average. In this post, we discuss future rainfall and groundwater forecasts and provide water saving tips. 

Rainfall and groundwater levels

Water resource update in the Affinity Water Supply Area

It is unlikely that any further recovery in groundwater levels will improve. Meaning we may not see any recovery in these areas until the start of Autumn which is the next recharge period.

Low rainfall and water resource levels mean that businesses in the East and South-East England area should be doing all they can to conserve water and become more water efficient.

Here are a few top tips for maintaining water efficiency in your business:

  • Remember to use the eco settings on appliances, such as dishwashers, washing machines, and other utilities
  • Upgrade your bathrooms with self-closing or battery-operated touch taps, tap aerators, water-saving hippos for toilet cisterns and efficient urinal controls
  • Take regular meter readings, which will allow you to identify any unusual increases in water consumption and potentially help you to spot a leak before it’s too late – you can do all of this in our online My Account Portal
  • Water Butts and harvesting systems are a great way to store rainwater, you can reuse this water to feed plants and gardens during dryer periods

To maintain water resources, you can find some more useful top tips on water efficiency by reading our blogs.

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