Whether you run a one-man band or a company of 200 employees, we’re all guilty of taking our water supply for granted at times. From the brew in our coffee to the water in your florist bouquet and the daily washing of the bath towels at the local B&B. We can all do our part to help the environment and be sustainable in our daily habits – with that being said, let’s show you how with these brilliant water-saving hacks!

Eco-friendly laundry

Affinity for Business Water Saving and Sustainability Hacks for Small to Medium Sized Businesses

For some SME’s washing laundry is a weekly or sometimes daily operation, for example, washing hotel towels, kitchen chef whites, and everyday cleaning cloths. However, using the washing machine can waste both energy and water if you’re not using the eco settings provided – you’ll also find these settings on a dishwasher too. In addition to using the eco settings, you can further save water during your washing load by storing grey water, which is the relatively clean waste water from your machine. Here’s a step-by-step guide for extending the life of the grey water from your washing machine and how to install a water butt. Storing grey water is one of the best ways to keep your garden or office plants replenished as they can save you around 5,000 litres of water per year!

One of the common ways to waste water is if you happen to experience a leak through your washing machine. Not only will it waste your precious water supply, but you’ll see a dramatic increase in your business’s water bills too. It’s important to check regularly for leaky valves, that way if you experience a leak via your washing machine, you’ll spot the signs before it’s too late.

Sustainable taps

Affinity for Business Water Saving and Sustainability Hacks for Small to Medium Sized Businesses

Installing tap aerators are a great way to save your business water because they reduce the water flow by up to 50%. It’s the perfect hack that creates the illusion of a normal running tap, injecting air into the water that runs out. Aerators are easy to use and simply screw onto the end of your tap’s spout.

Did you know that dripping taps can waste up to 90 litres of water a week?! As well as installing a tap aerator, you can also invest in water saving taps such as self-closing taps or battery-operated touch taps. Both water-saving devices ensure you’re not wasting any water with a dripping tap, and what’s even better, is it can save your business money off your bills too.

Water saving toilets and urinals

Affinity for Business Water Saving and Sustainability Hacks for Small to Medium Sized Businesses

A great hack for saving water in your toilet is to install a water-saving hippo, it’s a plastic unit that opens to look like a box, sitting neatly in the cistern of your toilet saving you water every time you flush. In fact, it can save you up to three litres of water per flush! It’s easy to fit and they immediately start saving you money.

When it comes to saving water in your urinals, we recommend getting infra-red urinal controls which only flush when movement is detected. That way you’re only flushing when the urinal is in use.
On the other hand, if you have urinals that flush on a timer it’s important to make sure you manage the timings effectively in order to save water. A good way to manage the time right is to match the hours that your business is open, that way you won’t be flushing water whilst there’s nobody there. For more tips on making your urinals more water efficient, click here.

Want to further tackle your business’s water usage? Here are some handy tips for managing the water in your industry sustainably.


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