Water Saving Advice for Businesses

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Water saving tips – how can your business save water?

Every business has different water needs from one man home-based businesses to large manufacturing plants, but according to Water Wise, companies could cut their water use by almost 30%.

Below we will cover a vast array of ways to reduce a businesses water usage and ultimately save money and help the environment:

Water saving urinal controls

Save up to 60% on water charges and can pay for themselves within three months. If you own an office that’s used for 40 hours a week and you don’t have any urinal controls, then 76% of the flushing happens when there’s no-one there.

Tap aerators

Reduce the flow of water by up to 50% with a tap aerator which injects air into the water. Aerators are easy to use and simply screw onto the end of your tap’s spout.

Water saving taps

Dripping taps can waste up to 90 litres of water a week. Water saving taps come in two varieties, either self-closing taps or battery operated touch taps. Both ensure you’re not wasting water with a dripping tap.

Install a hippo

A water-saving hippo installed in your toilet cistern can save up to three litres of water per flush. They’re simple to install and immediately starts saving you money


Use eco settings on dishwashers, washing machine and other appliances and install automatic taps.

Education and Targets

Make your employees aware of the importance of water efficiency to the environment and your business. You could try and set water usage goals and task everyone to contribute to this.


Know where your stop taps and shut off valves are. Ensure you check your water meter regularly, it is best to do this when usage is low in the evenings as it can help monitor for water leaks. You should also make sure pipework is protected from frost! Ask your water supplier and see if they provide a water audit

Water Recycling

Find out if you can recycle water and use it in other parts of your business, also use water butts to harvest rainwater

Reducing your water usage ultimately saves you money and helps the environment. If you are interested in finding out more about the services we provide and how we can help you save water, visit: