Water Products & Services

Our expert team are here to offer advice about products and services to help your business, here are some examples below.
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Drainage and Sewerage Services

Not everyone loves drains, but we do. Because of this unusual passion, we’re your go-to service for the things your team might not enjoy such a drain cleaning, unblocking and inspections. We can also provide maintenance services such as drain repairs, relining and even emergency drain servicing.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. We can also deal with sewers – whether they’re blocked, need inspecting or some rehabilitation or renovation. Whatever the sewer fix you need, we can provide it.

Water Wells

When your business is looking to tap into a commercial supply, we provide a complete in-house service. Our experts can give impartial advice on the potential for your water supply project prior to you incurring any costs, and then deliver support throughout the process. This takes you from feasibility, through to drilling, well development, testing and commissioning, treatment and handover.

Fire Hydrant Installation, Replacement, Servicing & Testing

Fire hydrants aren’t interesting to most people until they’re really needed. Which is why you must be able┬áto rely on them being effective at the critical moment. At the simplest of level, a hydrant must be capable of delivering fire fighting water at the required pressure and flow. So to safeguard this capability, we test fire hydrants and can repair, replace or install them depending on what you need.

New or Additional Water Assets

Sometimes your business might need to remap or redevelop elements of your infrastructure. We can install water pipes to new or existing buildings on your site, or assist in the design of new water services to make sure your site achieves the correct flow and pressure into every building. Our services also cover water mains connections, the replacement of water assets and fire main installations. Because we like to do a job properly, we put safety and efficiency first. To this end we use less-obtrusive, trenchless technology if conditions allow, or traditional ‘open cut’ methods if not.

Advanced Pipeline Systems

Sometimes businesses need updates made to their utilities infrastructure, and when it comes to water, costs can be significant. Rehabilitation of failing water infrastructure can often be more cost efficient than a replacement. Our team has the expertise to undertake the rehabilitation of deteriorating or failing water supply infrastructure, saving you from waste and cost in the long run.

Because we also have the capability to handle your waste water, we can undertake the rehabilitation of deteriorating or failing sewers and drainage infrastructure. To increase longevity and reliability of these systems, we restore corroded, eroded and damaged drains, waste water and vent piping. All of which means you can trust that your waste water will go where it’s meant to.