This week is certainly an exciting one here at Affinity for Business. We’ve moved! Our amazing team is expanding and we needed a bigger space to operate in. It’s an exciting time, but also a huge operation to pull off and the process didn’t come without its fair share of challenges. We want to share this momentous occasion with you so sit back, grab a cuppa and we’ll tell you all about our big move.

The Big Decision

We decided at the beginning of the summer that we needed a bigger office. Then came the big decisions…. What next? Where would we go? How would we decorate it? We wanted to minimise disruption for our wonderful employees, so knew we wanted to remain within a 5 – 10 mile radius of our original office in Hatfield, so it would still be a reasonable commuting distance for our staff. We saw a range of offices but eventually decided on an office based in Welwyn Garden City. The office space was slightly larger than we were initially looking for, but considering our business is expanding at such a fast rate, we decided the site would be perfect to grow with us!

From Paper to Reality

We had found an office – yay. The first (and arguably the biggest) decision had been made. The next mission was to make the office ours. We worked with Woodhouse to design the office and sprinkle the space with Affinity for Business culture. We discussed who we were as a business, the age ranges of our staff and what we wanted our office to look like and then the outfitters presented their designs. Of course we tweaked the design to ensure all the details were just right, but the general concept of the space is light, airy and sooo AfB! After finalising the office design it was go,go,go to kit out the site in time for the move. It took about 6-8 weeks for the office to be decorated – including placing all the furniture, wiring up the electricals and adding the finishing touches.

The process can’t be as seamless as that can it? Of course not! Like every move, there are always delays and complications. Aside from managing the legalities of process, one of the biggest challenges was physically moving the entire team across to the new office. The operation relied on a huge effort from our incredible staff and although it took a lot of time, the team pulled it out of the bag – teamwork makes the dream work!

The Finer Details

There are lots of reasons to be excited about the office. We wanted to ensure our staff felt that the space belonged to them. We therefore asked them to submit suggestions for the names of our meeting rooms. Sea creatures, seasons, you name it, someone suggested it. In the end, we decided to name our meeting rooms after inspirational leaders; Nightingale, Pankhurst, Mandela and Churchill. It’s all the little touches that make the office feel like AfB’s home. The carpet has a river running through it (not a real one!) and our logo is printed onto a giant glass panel near reception (in case someone forgot where they were!). The office location is also a huge bonus, as people can now walk into town and access a range of shops in their lunch break. Office Manager, Claire Whalley, played a huge role in the entire process and said “apart from the sparkly new kitchen tops, the most exciting moment was watching everyone’s smiling faces when they walked into the office for the first time on Monday morning. For me, this is the result I was most looking forward to since we started this whole process back in July last year.”

This is a proud moment for Affinity for Business. We now work in an office that we can really call our own. Not only will the new office accommodate our expanding team, but it will also allow our company culture to well and truly blossom. We would love you to come and see it for yourself – you’re always welcome! Bring on 2018 in our new home….

A sneak preview of our brand new office…

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Woodhouse is a family business that combines a reputation for innovation with a long history of excellence in construction. For more than 40 years Woodhouse has been helping organisations achieve high-quality workspaces that are crafted to their needs.


Our new address: Affinity for Business, Alchemy – 2nd Floor, Bessemer Road, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, AL7 1HE

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