If you’re looking to change your business’ water supplier, It’s best to do a bit of research around the different water companies before you choose to make the switch. We understand that It can be tempting to jump at the cheapest price point, however, there are many other factors to take into consideration when narrowing down the best, value for money supplier.

Here’s our advice on what to think about when looking for a new commercial water supplier:

Consider switching both clean and waste water

If your company uses clean water, the chances are it will also produce waste water too! You may find that you have one supplier for clean water and another for waste which is absolutely fine if you want separate suppliers for each service. Nevertheless, it makes more sense to consolidate and use the same commercial water supplier for both. It will simplify the billing process, making life a lot easier for your accounts team, and you may save money by switching both services to the same retailer.

Ask to see an example of their bill

Water bills

Ask to see an example invoice from the water supplier you’re researching. When it comes to bills, simple is best. You’ll want to see at a glance what you owe and a breakdown of how much water you’ve used. Some retailers may even display an interactive bill on their website – you can take a look at ours here.

At AfB, we’ll only bill you for the water you’ve used, based on actual meter readings. You can also swap to online bills in our My Account portal and save paper too!

Are they concerned about sustainability?

Water conservation not only makes sense from an environmental point of view, but it will also save your company money. Check that your supplier is as concerned about sustainability as you are, so you make the most of both the planet and your profits.

We believe that helping our customers conserve water is the right thing to do and will work with you to make those savings. If you decide to switch to us, our in-house Sustainability Manager can help to identify improvements by providing a water efficiency audit.

 Get to know their team

Team photo

Getting to know the people behind the business can be very useful when choosing your water retailer. It means you’ll get familiar with their employees and have reassurance in knowing there’s a friendly team that will help answer any questions or queries about your account.

Personally, we think happy employees equal happy customers. Which is why we have a large focus around employee mental health. It means whenever you get in touch with us, you’ll always have a friendly, happy person on the other end – but don’t just take our word for it, see what our customers have to say on Trustpilot. This takes us to our next point…

What do their customer reviews say?

Trustpilot rating

If you have a query about your account, or you have an emergency situation, you’ll need to talk to someone quickly. The quality of customer service is therefore a huge consideration when researching different water retailers. Which is why it’s always a good idea to find out what their customers think. You can read their reviews on Trustpilot and take a look at their overall star-rating as this will give a good indication of how they perform as a company.

Good customer service means always having someone available when you need them, and who will take the trouble to get to know you well enough to understand your business and its needs. So, look for a supplier that’s well known for having high customer service levels and (depending on your level of water consumption) can allocate a dedicated account manager to you.

Our ethos is that ‘we’re not too big to care’ – it doesn’t matter whether you’re the corner shop or a major water and waste user, we always strive to give you the same customer service as we would like to have ourselves.

Who are their customers?

If you’re a larger water user, it’s worth reading any case studies that a retailer may have published online. Doing so will give you an idea of the types of companies they supply and how they work with larger organisations.

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