Water is essential to the daily operations of most businesses. From running a hectic restaurant kitchen hygienically, the pool of a spa hotel, to simply making use of the office loo. The high demand on your water supply can leave you feeling flooded (quite literally!) and drained (financially) at the same time. So, we have pulled together a handy advice blog on all you need to know when it comes to managing your water sustainably and avoiding unwanted disasters that your water supply could spring upon your business.

Droughts and an inconsistent supply of water

Unlike energy, water supply can fluctuate depending on weather conditions, high usage in a particular area and the water levels in groundwater and reservoirs. Therefore, it’s important to make sure your business can be sustainable in the event of a drought or low water levels.

You may have noticed in recent headlines and Twitter trends that August 1st 2018, was announced Earth Overshoot Day. A scary fact that we have now used up more natural resources than the earth can provide this year – marking the earliest Earth Overshoot Day to ever be recorded! Which is why it’s so important to practice sustainability in the workplace to reduce your carbon footprint, all the while preparing for a drought or inconsistency in your water supply. Better management of your supply can be achieved by installing water saving appliances to reduce your usage, reusing water through a rainwater harvesting system or water butt, and recycling it in ways such as watering your business’s plants or garden. For more water saving and sustainability tips, you can check out our top 5 tips on maintaining water efficiency this summer.

Flooding/ leaks

Having a flood or a leak in your business can be very damaging and could even result in you having to shut shop whilst the problem is fixed – a financial drain in more ways than one! Not to mention it’s also a major waste of water. According to CCW – the voice for water consumers, 3.1 billion litres of water are lost each day through leaky pipes in the UK, that’s enough to fill almost 1,250 Olympic swimming pools! Detecting a leak later down the line could lead to an unexpected flood, damaging your property, requiring both time and money to be fixed, not an ideal situation…

One way to avoid this is to check your business regularly for any internal leaks, just follow our five easy steps:

For more useful advice on leaky pipes and to find a skilled professional, click here.

Being careless with your water supply can lead to negative sustainability credentials

It’s said that the demand for water will have increased by 55% globally, in 2050 (crazy, right?!). To reduce this figure, all businesses need to do is take ownership of their part in implementing every-day sustainability. Ensuring that you take care of your footprint will mean you adopt amazing sustainability credentials, all whilst preserving the Earth’s natural resources. It’s a win-win!

Being water efficient may sound like a hefty project but making small changes can make all the difference. There are many ways to implement sustainability to your business, such as; following in other companies footsteps by cutting out unnecessary plastic packaging, installing water saving appliances and tackling your daily water usage.

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