With winter well underway, it’s important to ensure your business is prepared for the cold weather. If you’re travelling abroad to escape the cold, or leaving your business premises empty over the holiday period, it’s important to get prepared. Putting a few simple precautions in place makes a big difference in helping to prevent freezing pipes and potential bursts. Above all, being prepared for that winter chill could save you a large amount of money on repairs.

In this blog, we’ve created a handy checklist to help get your business ready for the cold weather this winter.

8 things you should add to your to-do list this winter:


  • Insulate outside taps and exposed water pipes in lofts. Leaving pipes exposed could increase the risk of bursts
  • Wrap up your cold-water tanks with insulation. You can buy lagging and tank jackets from most DIY stores
  • Make sure you know where your external and internal stop taps are located and check to see if they are working. If you have an unexpected emergency you’ll be prepared to turn off your supply if needed. You’ll usually find your stop tap near to the point where your water supply pipe enters your premises
  • Keep an eye on the weather forecast for overnight temperatures, if it’s going to be very cold, be sure to leave the central heating on a low setting overnight
  • Fix any dripping taps, even the smallest trickle can lead to a frozen pipe
  • Get to know your pipe responsibilities, this will come in handy if you ever encounter a leak
  • Find out who your business’ wholesaler is using our interactive map. If you have an emergency that is out of hours, you’ll need to know your wholesaler’s contact details
  • If you’re shutting shop for the Christmas period, or going on holiday at any point during winter, don’t forget to turn off the water supply at the stop tap and consider leaving the heating on a low setting


The Christmas holidays are also a great time to check if you have any unexpected water use, including leaks. Simply read your meter before you vacate the premises for the holidays and check it again first thing when you get back. If nobody has been on site then the meter should not have moved. If it has moved then you might be spending money unnecessarily on water and/or might have a leak.

If you are interested in remotely monitoring your water consumption and to be notified almost immediately if a leak forms, you might want to consider installing an Automatic Meter Reading smart meter to your water main. If you’re interested in AMR, contact our Sustainability Manager for more information.

Are you winter ready?

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