The ‘Zoo in the Loo’ Sports Centre Campaign

Aug 4, 2016 | Case studies

Sports centres are notorious for using a lot of water, and this one was no different. Our goal for the ‘Zoo in the loo’ sports centre campaign: to achieve greater water efficiency by encouraging awareness around water consumption and highlighting how small changes can make a big difference.

As part of the activities, we developed a fun, creative campaign named ‘Zoo in the Loo’ – where we strategically placed zoo-themed posters in areas where they were likely to engage best with the users of the sports centre (both pupils and the general public). These encouraged people to be more conscious when using water… and made a remarkable impact.

Not only did the sports centre save a significant amount of water – 30% of their daily usage – the project also won the Water Resource Management Initiative of the Year and the Water Industry Achievement Awards 2015. Great awareness. Great savings. Great result.

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